crossbody bagpack

Fashionable and innovative are the words that can best describe a sling type cross-body backpack. Sling backpacks are suited for travelers of all kinds and therefore they are highly popular across all age groups around the world. Some of the reasons for them to be so popular are listed below.

Comfort to the Shoulder

The sling type backpack is worn cross-body and this gives comfort to the shoulder. The shoulders of every individual droop towards the end and hence if any bag is hung over a single shoulder then it necessitates the slight lifting of the shoulder to prevent the bag from slipping off.

The sling backpack is worn cross-body and this ensures that the strap rests close to the neck’s base. This eliminates the need for the awkward lifting of the shoulder. Moreover, the bag’s weight is supported by the back or hip reducing the burden on the shoulder. This prevents the possibility of excessive use of the shoulder and neck muscles.

Chic and Useful

A sling backpack may sometimes offer lesser storage space as compared to a regular backpack but there can be no understating the convenience it offers in carrying your belongings. Your hands are free to be used for any activity as your sling backpack nestles snugly across your body. The shoulder straps are adjustable to suit your body frame and the padding and breathable material of the backpack ensures that your back stays cool and non-sweaty.

Perfect Fit for Varied Needs of Travelers

It is a perfect fit to carry in-flight essentials or day-trip essentials. A sling backpack enables you to stuff all your in-flight essentials or those required on a day trip like a smartphone, wallet, keys, headphones, additional camera batteries, sunscreen, sunglasses and some snacks. There are excursions which do not need you to move around with a heavy backpack and at such times a sling type backpack is highly convenient.

Extra Quick Access

You can access your stuff in the quickest possible manner without needing to rest the backpack. If the sling backpack rests on the chest then its pockets are just below your nose and even if it rests on the back it can always be pulled to the front.  Being lightweight makes it all the more, easy to handle. 


Safety along with Style

The additional features of anti-theft sling bag or anti-theft cross-body bag ensure the safety of contents besides being convenient to handle.  Slash proof straps, burglar proof buckle, tough handles, top quality material and the anti-theft design are just some factors that go towards offering safety and style to the traveler.

En Vogue

Sling type cross-body backpacks are “in”. They are an important display item in almost every high street store and a perfect example of a convenient item that also makes a fashion statement. 


The sling type backpacks come in wide varieties and the traveler is really spoil for choice when it comes to making the buying decision. You can choose between the tall and wide orientations, the expandable varieties; whichever suits your style or preference. There are innumerable brands in the market offering anti-theft sling bag or anti-theft cross-body bag; choose the one that best fits your requirements.