With time and people changing, everyone has upgraded in terms of safety and security. People nowadays do not only use high-tech locking systems to secure their houses or smartphones, but they have also started to use handbags that are theft-proof.

Safety is a significant concern when you are traveling. Having a travel bag that fits in your belongings is not enough. It is important that your travel bag is secured from the rogues. That’s where anti-theft handbags come in.

Anti-theft handbags are going to be a trend for stylish women in 2020. Therefore, if you are planning to buy one for you or if you are looking for a trendy, stylish and feature rich travel bags for women, you’ve come to the right place.

Top Anti-Theft Travel Bags for Women In 2020

More and more women are realizing that a travel bag must go beyond style and be functional. Seeing the massive demand for anti-theft travel bags for women in 2020, manufacturers are incorporating ‘beauty with brains’ in their travel bag designs.  

Baibu Anti-Theft Backpacks

One of the top bags that you can buy in the market is the Baibu Anti-Theft backpacks. A best-seller, these bags are perfect for your long travel journeys, making it easier for you to pack everything correctly. With a slim design, slash-proof fabric, finely adjustable cut-resistant straps, Baibu Anti theft backpacks are ergonomically designed to take care of your back and shoulders.  It’s scratch proof deck ensures that the beauty of the bag is preserved for a long time to come. The zip opens 180° to facilitate easy storing of your belongings. The next time you are going to invest in a theft-proof bag, try and consider this brand. 

Tortoise style Backpack

Another incredible anti-theft bag that you can buy is the tortoise style backpack. While the bag looks compact on the outside, it has large storage space and includes various locking compartments. With slash-proof construction, locked zippers in the front pocket, and slash-resistant straps, these bags are a must if you are looking for a safer journey. The elegantly designed bag is made from PU leather and comes in varied colours such as rich red, classic black, royal blue and many more.

Anti Theft Cross body Backpack

This sling type cross body anti theft backpack for women is a rage with fashion conscious people. Multi-functional and unisex, this backpack is reasonably lightweight and is quite comfortable to carry along. If you suffer from back pain, this is a bag that you should try. The bag perfectly distributes the weight across your back so as not to hurt your back. Also, the bag comes in different colours and is incredibly stylish. The bag contains a separate card slots, entirely locked wall pockets, hidden slash pockets, and reflective strip. The bag looks slim, light-weight, and trendy – making it one of the best options to carry while traveling.

These are a few stylish bags that are perfect for traveling and will keep your belongings safe. If you are investing in anti-theft bags, make sure you look out or the features that come handy.