Where to buy smart backpack in Australia

Smart Backpack Features You Need for Urban Travel in 2020

New year, new travel goals! Whatever the destination, a backpack is undeniably one of the best travel bags to have. It’s just really convenient, plus it’s easy to store in your overhead compartment.

It can be flexible, stylish, and comfortable. What’s more, it can also be smart and secure!

Preparing for a trip and looking for the perfect smart travel backpack? Here are the features that you should look for.


Your smart backpack will be carrying not just your clothes, but also your important travel documents. You might also be the kind of traveller who takes his laptop or tablet with him. You definitely don’t want those to get wet and ruined! 

A waterproof backpack won’t just protect you from the rain. It will also protect your belongings from accidental splashes.

USB Charging Function

Imagine having a dead phone battery in a foreign city. You won’t be able to access the map and translator apps you have saved on your phone. 

Consider a smart travel backpack with a USB charging port feature. 

You won’t need to carry your power bank with your hands while on travel. Leave your power bank inside your bag, connect your phone through the USB charging port or cable. You can explore the city conveniently.

Straps with Hidden Pockets

The hidden pockets are where you can safely and easily store items with sensitive data such as IDs and credit cards. It is also perfect for travel cards such as train passes. You no longer have to take off your bag to get your cards because the concealed strap pockets are easier to access.

Anti-theft Design

Urban travel is fun, but you have to keep your personal belongings safe from pickpockets too especially when you are in an unfamiliar city. A smart travel backpack with an anti-theft design not only has concealed compartments. It also has a locking feature combination to keep away unwanted access.

Pickpockets look for zippers that they can easily open. With an anti-theft backpack, they won’t be able to open your bag easily.  Read More

Best Anti-theft Travel Bags for Women 2020

With time and people changing, everyone has upgraded in terms of safety and security. People nowadays do not only use high-tech locking systems to secure their houses or smartphones, but they have also started to use handbags that are theft-proof.

Safety is a significant concern when you are traveling. Having a travel bag that fits in your belongings is not enough. It is important that your travel bag is secured from the rogues. That’s where anti-theft handbags come in.

Anti-theft handbags are going to be a trend for stylish women in 2020. Therefore, if you are planning to buy one for you or if you are looking for a trendy, stylish and feature rich travel bags for women, you’ve come to the right place.

Top Anti-Theft Travel Bags for Women In 2020

More and more women are realizing that a travel bag must go beyond style and be functional. Seeing the massive demand for anti-theft travel bags for women in 2020, manufacturers are incorporating ‘beauty with brains’ in their travel bag designs.  

Baibu Anti-Theft Backpacks

One of the top bags that you can buy in the market is the Baibu Anti-Theft backpacks. A best-seller, these bags are perfect for your long travel journeys, making it easier for you to pack everything correctly. With a slim design, slash-proof fabric, finely adjustable cut-resistant straps, Baibu Anti theft backpacks are ergonomically designed to take care of your back and shoulders.  It’s scratch proof deck ensures that the beauty of the bag is preserved for a long time to come. The zip opens 180° to facilitate easy storing of your belongings. The next time you are going to invest in a theft-proof bag, try and consider this brand.  Read More

How to Protect Your Laptop in Backpack from Damage or Theft?

Do you feel anxious when traveling with a laptop in your backpack? Do you fear that your laptop will either get stolen or it may be damaged while moving through the crowd during peak hours? Such anxiety is natural, but there are ways to put your anxiety to rest and enjoy your travel stress free.

There are different ways to protect your laptop while traveling. If you are worried about how here are a few tips:

If you have an expensive laptop like a MacBook, it is crucial that you keep it safe. They are quite fragile, and the slightest amount of pressure can prove lethal. To ensure that your MacBook is safe even when you are traveling during the busiest hours, use extra laptop sleeves. They help your laptop stay safe and protected during your traveling.

Make sure that your sleeves have better padding and extra layers that will prevent any scratches or protects the laptop from the pressure when moving in the crowd.

These are a few ways you can protect your laptop in your backpack from damage or theft. While traveling, always keep your eyes and mind open. It is essential to keep an eye on your surroundings and ensure that your belongings are safe.

Always invest in suitable quality anti-theft backpacks to make sure that your belongings are safe with you. These anti-theft backpacks are designed differently than ordinary backpacks available in the market and are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of people who love to travel.

1. Keep Your Laptop Only in The Laptop Compartment

When traveling, remember to place our laptop only in the laptop compartment of your backpack. Different laptop backpack comes with various features. While most bags have separate compartments for the laptops, some others do not have this feature. It is essential that you buy a backpack that avails the feature.

Measure your laptop first before you make a purchase. If your backpack is smaller than the laptop itself, that will be of no use.

2. Invest in High-Quality Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Pickpockets always look for travellers with more luggage or valuable possessions. If you are traveling through a new place and you have your laptop with you, you need to be cautious. 

Use a high-quality Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack to store your laptop. These backpacks are theft-proof, and pickpockets cannot possibly crack through the secure design of your backpack. Here are a few valuable features that an anti-theft backpack provides you

  • They are anti-cut. The thief has to do a lot of hard work and has to be quick to rip it open with a knife. Looking at the fabric material, pickpockets would know that the material of the backpack won’t slash easily. That’s why they wouldn’t attempt robbing you.
  • You get plenty of hidden pockets and zippers in your backpack.
  • You get an anti-theft lock with your anti-theft laptop backpack. Also, the hidden zippers make the task of pickpockets difficult, thus securing your valuables.
  • These backpacks are made of high-quality slash-resistant materials.

3. Use Laptop Sleeves

If you have an expensive laptop like a MacBook, it is crucial that you keep it safe. They are quite fragile, and the slightest amount of pressure can prove lethal. To ensure that your MacBook is safe even when you are traveling during the busiest hours, use extra laptop sleeves. They help your laptop stay safe and protected during your traveling.

Make sure that your sleeves have better padding and extra layers that will prevent any scratches or protects the laptop from the pressure when moving in the crowd.

These are a few ways you can protect your laptop in your backpack from damage or theft. While traveling, always keep your eyes and mind open. It is essential to keep an eye on your surroundings and ensure that your belongings are safe.

Always invest in suitable quality anti-theft backpacks to make sure that your belongings are safe with you. These anti-theft backpacks are designed differently than ordinary backpacks available in the market and are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of people who love to travel.

Do Anti Theft Bag Really Work?

What is the utility of a backpack for you? The answer differs from person to person. If you are a traveller, your bag may consist of a camera, essential documents, your wallet, clothes, or sometimes even a laptop. If you are a student, you may carry books, id cards, laptop and your smartphone. While the reason for carrying a bag might be different for each one of us, there is  one thing in common that most of us need, and that is a bag that will ensure to keep our belongings safe and secure from the reach of unscrupulous elements. That’s where anti thefts bag come in. But does having an anti theft bag really work?

crowded pickpocket

What is an Anti-Theft Bag?

A theft proof bag has a few qualities that make it more secure than any other bag. These features are meant to keep your stuff safe and harder for thieves to get hold of. 

There are different types of anti-theft bags that you can buy, ranging from travel backpacks, wallets, laptop backpacks, or even regular backpacks. They also come in small purses for ladies to huge suitcases.

These bags can also be found in different designs with various added features. All in all, these anti theft bags are an excellent investment.

Do You Need an Anti-Theft Bag?

There are a few reasons why you may need an anti-theft bag. They are –

  1. If you are traveling to an unknown place.
  2. If you live in a crowded city and often travel around.
  3. If you use public transportation daily and it is always crowded.
  4. If you carry a lot of essential documents and tend to carry cash most of the time.

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Most Common Technique Pickpockets Used to Rob You

Pickpocketing is a common incidence that happens every day. Whether you are on a crowded bus, are attending an event, or are traveling through a new state, you need to be extra cautious to ensure that you do not get duped by pickpockets. 

Methods Pickpockets Use to Rob You 

There are different ways a pickpocket can rob you. Although every pickpocket has their unique idea to get their hands on your backpack, there are a few methods which are quite common. However, with the help of an anti-theft travel backpack, and a few precautions, you can easily protect yourself from falling prey to the pickpocketing. So, what are these precautions that you should be taking?

  • In public transport

pickpocket in train transit

Most pickpocket incidents take place in public transports like trains or buses. The pickpockets try to take advantage of the crowd and the hurry you are in. At the entry or exit of public transport, a pickpocket hangout mostly and try to grab people’s stuff whenever they can. In such cases, it is advisable to use an anti-theft travel backpack for the safety of your belongings. 

  • When You Are in A Crowded Place

crowded pickpocket

Another favorite place for the pickpockets is crowded places. If you are at a crowded mall, at an event, or a movie hall alone, chances are, pickpockets will try and get your stuff out from you. If you are a tourist, you should be extra cautious as pickpockets tend to come in a group and try to rob you. Steer clear out of such situations and avoid getting into groups. Read More

Best Commuter Bagpack for Ladies

If you are looking for a backpack for your everyday use, then you are definitely going to look for comfort and convenience. However, most people miss out on a vital factor that their everyday commute bag must have- ample space and safety of their belongings…That’s where anti theft backpacks come into picture…If you are searching for the best anti-theft backpack for women, then you are in the right place. We are going through some of the aspects of the best anti-theft backpack for all the stylish ladies out there in this article.

Features of the best anti-theft backpack for women

The backpack that we deem the best for women is manufactured and marketed by Snug Backpacks. Snug Backpacks has more than five glorious years of experience in the anti-theft bag manufacturing market. So, you can sit back and take its quality for granted while we talk about some of its features.

  • Anti-theft design:
    We have already told this one! But the list would be incomplete without having the best feature at the top. The sturdy lock of the bag will keep all your belongings safe and secured from the rule-breakers
  • Spacious:
    The bag may seem a bit small at first glance. But you will be surprised to see the amount of space it has inside it. The bag has enough compartments and space to host all the necessary items that every lady may need during traveling. The flexibility of the bag also means that you can use it as a multi-purpose one. Whether you are going to school, college, or for a leisure walk, this is a perfect companion for you.
  • Design:
    The bag is just as beautiful as it is loaded with features! The manufacturers have taken good care of the aesthetics of the bag so that it offers elegance with safety. The bag is made of PU leather material that will bring the sleek design that you have been looking for in your bag. You have two colour options here- tan and black. These are the two of the most fashionable colours that can perfectly fits with all attire.

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Best Theft Proof Bag You Can Buy Online in Australia

Today, the world has become more connected than ever before. Every critical aspect of your life is connected in such a way that if a single entity is compromised, then it may lead to catastrophic consequences. If you lose your mobile or laptop, it may cost you dearly. At such a point of time, it is essential to have something that will keep your belongings safe even after falling prey to thieves. Theft proof bag is a handy option to have. Let’s go through some of the aspects of the best theft-proof backpack you can buy online in Australia.

Anti theft Multifunctional Backpack 5 -6

Best online theft-proof bag

The bag that we are going to talk about today is brought to you buy Snug Backpacks. They have been known as one of the leading anti-theft bag specialists in the market. Let’s check out some of the features of the bag:

  1. Anti-theft lock: Security first! The most important feature of the bag is its anti-theft design, which comes with an unbreakable lock. This will ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure even during the mishaps and buy you the time to take action.
  2. Multi-compartment: It is not only about the anti-theft property! The bag comes with multiple compartments to help organize things better.. The bag has a laptop compartment that can host laptops up to 15.6-inch screen. All the standard-sized laptops are equal or smaller in size than that. You will also have secret compartments for your valuable cards. The umbrella compartment will be handy during the rainy days. In addition, there are many other convenient compartments which will allow you to carry everything you need in a single go.
  3. Design: The bag has a unisex design, making it suitable to carry around for both the stylish men and women. It is made up of excellent material which is both waterproof and comfortable to wear. The lightweight of the bag ensures that you do not get sore shoulders even after a long walk with the bag. The bag has a stylish look to it, although the gravitas of formal occasions is also present. This makes the bag suitable for your business, school, outdoor activities, or weekend getaways. The bag comes with two colour ranges- grey and black. Buy whichever reflects your personality more radiantly!
  4. Ports: Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better, the ports on your bag says hi! It has two types of ports. One is a USB port, and another is the headphone connection port. The USB port will let you charge the mobile while the headphone will keep you entertained. The 20% faster-charging technology will make sure that you do not have to bear the nuisance for long.
  5. Sturdy handle: The tough handle of the bag will let you carry it around when carrying it seems like a burden. Do not worry, even if it is full of luggage.

Ideal Anti-Theft Backpack for the Urban Commuter 2020

In view of the valuable content held by today’s backpacks, it is essential that a lot of thought and consideration goes while making their buying decision. This is irrespective of the fact whether you shall be using them for commuting to work or travelling outdoors. 

There are several aspects of the bag such as its sturdiness, organizing capacity, safety which takes precedence over style and fashion. An ideal bag is an anti-theft backpack that offers the best combination of both the aspects.  

Aspects that make for an ideal anti-theft backpack

RFID Protection: The material used for the backpack should offer RFID protection so that the contents held by the varied compartments remain safe and secure.  The possibility of thieves stealing money electronically from your cards is eliminated by the use of RFID blocking technology. 

Secret Pockets: The busy urban areas are more prone to thefts and there is nothing uncommon for your backpack contents to be stolen by an expert thief without you being aware of the happening. The presence of secret pockets in an anti-theft bag makes it difficult for such an event to occur. Moreover, the main fastener of the bag is sturdy and lies flattened against your back and hence, any untoward happening can be detected easily.

Slash Proof Material: The function of sturdy fasteners and secret compartments will fail if the material of the backpack is not tough. Thieves can easily slash the fabric and make their own openings to steal stuff from within the bag. The requirement of slash proof material which comprises a special fabric becomes a very important aspect in this context. Read More

Advantages of Using a Sling Type Cross-body Backpack

crossbody bagpack

Fashionable and innovative are the words that can best describe a sling type cross-body backpack. Sling backpacks are suited for travelers of all kinds and therefore they are highly popular across all age groups around the world. Some of the reasons for them to be so popular are listed below.

Comfort to the Shoulder

The sling type backpack is worn cross-body and this gives comfort to the shoulder. The shoulders of every individual droop towards the end and hence if any bag is hung over a single shoulder then it necessitates the slight lifting of the shoulder to prevent the bag from slipping off.

The sling backpack is worn cross-body and this ensures that the strap rests close to the neck’s base. This eliminates the need for the awkward lifting of the shoulder. Moreover, the bag’s weight is supported by the back or hip reducing the burden on the shoulder. This prevents the possibility of excessive use of the shoulder and neck muscles.

Chic and Useful

A sling backpack may sometimes offer lesser storage space as compared to a regular backpack but there can be no understating the convenience it offers in carrying your belongings. Your hands are free to be used for any activity as your sling backpack nestles snugly across your body. The shoulder straps are adjustable to suit your body frame and the padding and breathable material of the backpack ensures that your back stays cool and non-sweaty.

Perfect Fit for Varied Needs of Travelers

It is a perfect fit to carry in-flight essentials or day-trip essentials. A sling backpack enables you to stuff all your in-flight essentials or those required on a day trip like a smartphone, wallet, keys, headphones, additional camera batteries, sunscreen, sunglasses and some snacks. There are excursions which do not need you to move around with a heavy backpack and at such times a sling type backpack is highly convenient.

Extra Quick Access

You can access your stuff in the quickest possible manner without needing to rest the backpack. If the sling backpack rests on the chest then its pockets are just below your nose and even if it rests on the back it can always be pulled to the front.  Being lightweight makes it all the more, easy to handle. 


Safety along with Style

The additional features of anti-theft sling bag or anti-theft cross-body bag ensure the safety of contents besides being convenient to handle.  Slash proof straps, burglar proof buckle, tough handles, top quality material and the anti-theft design are just some factors that go towards offering safety and style to the traveler.

En Vogue

Sling type cross-body backpacks are “in”. They are an important display item in almost every high street store and a perfect example of a convenient item that also makes a fashion statement. 


The sling type backpacks come in wide varieties and the traveler is really spoil for choice when it comes to making the buying decision. You can choose between the tall and wide orientations, the expandable varieties; whichever suits your style or preference. There are innumerable brands in the market offering anti-theft sling bag or anti-theft cross-body bag; choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Choosing the Best Travel Backpacks for 2020

If you are an avid traveller, then you sure know the importance of having the right backpack. Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours and shapes, backpacks are a must for every frequent traveller. They help you to organize your belongings and keep them safe as well as intact during the entire trip. So, if you are planning to invest in a premium quality travel backpack then glance through our list of backpacks for 2020. 

Best Travel Backpacks for 2020

Men’s Theft Proof Travel Bag This waterproof backpack is available in multi-functional design and a 15.5 inch wide laptop compartment for keeping your device secure. One of the biggest benefits of this backpack is that it comes with the anti-theft feature, which means you will never have to worry about losing it to thieves or pickpockets. Available in multiple colour options such as pink, red, dark grey and light grey, the backpack is comfortable to carry and stylish in appearance. It comes with a tough handle and USB charging feature, which makes it an excellent choice for every traveller.

Anti-theft Backpack Vintage

A classic backpack that boasts of vintage look and appearance, this backpack is available in a multifunctional design. Ideal for keeping a 15.6 inch wide laptop safely in a separate compartment, the particular backpack is available in three distinct colours including beige, olive green and tan. It makes a great choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities and hiking. The backpack is water repellent and designed for both men as well as women, which makes it an excellent investment. Additionally, this anti theft backpack also comes with an adjustable strap as well as soft handle and is made of water repellent material.

Anti-theft lightweight Backpack

If you are specifically searching for a lightweight backpack then this one is perfect for you. Aside to its multi-functional design, the backpack boasts of 180° full opening as well as closing design and key pocket, card pocket, side pockets and back pockets. Carved out of water repellent canvas material, this backpack has every other necessary feature that you may require in you travel backpack such as a USB Charging port, adjustable strap and excellent design. 

Anti- theft Luminous Animation backpack

In case you are one of those travellers who likes to carry fancy stuff, then the Anti-theft Luminous Animation backpack is what you need to purchase right away! It’s amazing and unique fluorescent design coupled with other handy features such as USB charging, anti-theft construction, soft handle as well as comfortable and well- designed shoulder straps.

Anti-theft Multi-function Backpack

This backpack is essentially a fitness style bag which is available in a classy and attractive design. The unisex backpack is comfortable to wear and carry as well as ensures completely safety of your belongings during long or short distance journeys. Thanks to its well organized and practical compartments, you can use it as a shoulder or even as your laptop bag. In addition to its anti-theft design, the backpack also features a high-density belt made up of cotton material and a stylish cum sporty design. 

So, take your pick and get ready for a seamless travel experience!