What is the utility of a backpack for you? The answer differs from person to person. If you are a traveller, your bag may consist of a camera, essential documents, your wallet, clothes, or sometimes even a laptop. If you are a student, you may carry books, id cards, laptop and your smartphone. While the reason for carrying a bag might be different for each one of us, there is  one thing in common that most of us need, and that is a bag that will ensure to keep our belongings safe and secure from the reach of unscrupulous elements. That’s where anti thefts bag come in. But does having an anti theft bag really work?

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What is an Anti-Theft Bag?

A theft proof bag has a few qualities that make it more secure than any other bag. These features are meant to keep your stuff safe and harder for thieves to get hold of. 

There are different types of anti-theft bags that you can buy, ranging from travel backpacks, wallets, laptop backpacks, or even regular backpacks. They also come in small purses for ladies to huge suitcases.

These bags can also be found in different designs with various added features. All in all, these anti theft bags are an excellent investment.

Do You Need an Anti-Theft Bag?

There are a few reasons why you may need an anti-theft bag. They are –

  1. If you are traveling to an unknown place.
  2. If you live in a crowded city and often travel around.
  3. If you use public transportation daily and it is always crowded.
  4. If you carry a lot of essential documents and tend to carry cash most of the time.

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Does a Theft Proof Bag Work?

There are a few distinctive features a theft-proof bag can have. They are:

  • Slash-proof straps 

Some manufacturers include slash-proof straps on their anti-theft bags to ensure the complete security of the items. These straps are infused with flexible steel wires, which make the straps user-friendly and hard for the thieves to slash with knives or blades. The manufacturers make ensure that the backpacks conform to ergonomics so that these do not hurt your back or shoulders and are easier to carry. They are just sturdy enough so that no thieves can slash them easily.

  • Secrete Pockets

Some anti-theft bags also come with secret, multiple pockets that make it more efficient and more comfortable for you to hide your valuable items safely. Rather than keeping your wallet in a place that is easily accessible, you can put it inside one of these secret pockets and lock it securely, thus keeping it away from the reach of thieves.

  • Locked Zippers

Not just secret pockets and slash-proof straps, a few anti-theft bags also include locked zippers. The lobster clasp in these zippers allow you to secure your bags and be worry-free while traveling. While it makes you worry-free, the thieves find it challenging to keep unlocking and taking out things out of your bags swiftly. It is indeed a fantastic way to keep your belongings safe. 

So, whether you are a traveller, student or an office goer, anti theft bag is a must for you!