Anti-theft backpacks have come up as a promising solution for all those who are travel freaks but are worried about their valuables being stolen while traveling. Before discussing key features of a good anti-theft backpack let us understand what an anti-theft backpack is and how it differs from a normal backpack.

What is an anti-theft backpack?

Anti-theft backpacks are usually the backpacks which are made using very robust material and wire meshes which cannot be cut easily by the thieves. They also have additional safety features such as lockable zippers, combination lock, portable safe and radio frequency identification blocker. A normal backpack usually does not offer such high-quality security features offered by theft-proof backpacks which are manufactured with the sole motive of protecting your belongings while you are on the move.

Key features of an anti-theft backpack

Secret pockets:

According to manufacturers of anti-theft backpack Australia, USP of an anti-theft backpack is the presence of secret pockets in it. You can easily put your cash, wallet, passport and other valuables in these secret pockets. Thieves usually search for an easy target where they do not have to search a lot. But with a secret pocket thieves will have a hard time finding your valuables and this dissuades them to target your anti-theft backpack they fear getting caught.

Water resistant material!

Water resistance is an important feature of anti-theft backpack especially when you are traveling during the rainy season or in winters when snowfall is often. You will definitely not want rain, snow or humidity to spoil your documents or other important belongings. These bags are made of polyester and PVC which are waterproof and do not let moisture enter inside the bag.

Slash proof material!

Slash proof material is another feature which makes the theft proof backpack the preferred choice from normal backpacks available in the market. Since the material of anti-theft backpack is slash proof, thieves cannot just slash it with a knife and thus, your belongings are well protected.

Tear-proof and durable

It is usually made using a material like Polyester and PVC which are robust and last for a long time. Apart from that, it has sturdy zippers which do not come off easily. Straps made of wire mesh add to the durability of the strap.

Easy Access

Another key feature of the theft-proof backpack is that it offers easy access to the user. Anti-theft backpacks are usually very light weight and can easily be carried on your back. Many manufacturers suggest the size of the backpack in accordance with the waist and torso size of the user. This enables the user to carry the back pack without any extra pressure on the back or on the spine.

The added features of the anti-theft bag such as USB charger helps you in charging your mobile phone or other electronic devices. Foam base helps in the safe transportation of fragile stuff. Many theft-proof backpacks have radio frequency identification blocker which prevents reading of your identity card, driving license or credit/debit card by an outsider.

All in all, anti-theft bags are a must for traveling!

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