Pickpocketing is a common incidence that happens every day. Whether you are on a crowded bus, are attending an event, or are traveling through a new state, you need to be extra cautious to ensure that you do not get duped by pickpockets. 

Methods Pickpockets Use to Rob You 

There are different ways a pickpocket can rob you. Although every pickpocket has their unique idea to get their hands on your backpack, there are a few methods which are quite common. However, with the help of an anti-theft travel backpack, and a few precautions, you can easily protect yourself from falling prey to the pickpocketing. So, what are these precautions that you should be taking?

  • In public transport

pickpocket in train transit

Most pickpocket incidents take place in public transports like trains or buses. The pickpockets try to take advantage of the crowd and the hurry you are in. At the entry or exit of public transport, a pickpocket hangout mostly and try to grab people’s stuff whenever they can. In such cases, it is advisable to use an anti-theft travel backpack for the safety of your belongings. 

  • When You Are in A Crowded Place

crowded pickpocket

Another favorite place for the pickpockets is crowded places. If you are at a crowded mall, at an event, or a movie hall alone, chances are, pickpockets will try and get your stuff out from you. If you are a tourist, you should be extra cautious as pickpockets tend to come in a group and try to rob you. Steer clear out of such situations and avoid getting into groups.

  • Bag Slashing 

If you are traveling with a backpack or a purse, pickpockets may try to rob you by slashing the same. They usually cut the bottom or the side of your bag to get hold of your belongings. Use of anti-theft travel backpack comes handy in such situations, where it becomes difficult for the robbers to cut through such a sturdy bag.  

  • The “Helping” Kind

Most travelers come across pickpockets posing as friendly and helpful locals offering you ways to find out transit systems. They usually work in a group of two or three people. While one will be helping you out with what you need, distracting you in the process, another will get hold of your belongings without you even noticing anything.  Make sure all your important documents, money and valuables are secured in an anti-theft backpack. Since your backpack is snugly through sturdy straps, pickpockets won’t have a chance to grab it.

  • The “Street Bumping” Kind

On a busy road, it is quite likely that you bump into someone. The pickpockets take advantage of precisely the same. They bump into you on purpose and then say sorry while taking out your wallet, watch, or other valuable things. So, the next time someone bumps into you, make sure to check your wallet the first thing afterward.

These are a few different ways pickpockets can rob you. Always be extra careful of your surroundings while you are traveling, and be sure to use an anti-theft travel backpack.