How To Select The Perfect Size Of Your Theft Proof Backpack

If you are a frequent traveler then you can very well understand the importance of carrying the right backpack on your trip. Uncomfortable luggage is a curse on a vacation on which you all you want to do is unfolding yourself and explore the world around. So, if you want to prevent yourself from all the trouble which wrong luggage can cause, be aware, do your homework and find the right baggage before you leave.

When you are traveling, it makes sense to choose the right backpack for storing your valuables. In this regard, Anti-theft backpacks come to the mind for their all-round versatility and safety.

Where are you travelling to?

If you are traveling to a tourist destination that is likely to be crowded, you would do well to select a medium sized anti-theft backpack that can store laptops, digital cameras, and clothes with equal ease. Go for an anti-theft pack that has cut and slash proof technology.

What you will carry?

  • If you are traveling with essential documents like passport and other documents, we encourage you to get an anti-theft backpack that is small in size and which has RFID technology.
  • Do you need to carry everything like clothes, documents as well as electronics? If this is the case then choose an anti-theft backpack that has all the requisite safety features for travel without a headache. The ideal size of such a bag would be about 40-45 liters. The bag should comfortably hold all your necessary belongings while having 10-15 % empty room for things or articles that you might bring back from your travels.
  • Are you only carrying a weekend load? If that is so then you will need a sturdy backpack with locks. In this case, RFID technology can be given a miss.
  • If you are going for a regular holiday with all the bells and whistles, then we suggest that you choose 80 liter big anti-theft backpacks. They are your ideal companion for travels that take some time.

How does the size of the backpack matters?

Size of the backpack effect the comfort and convenience experienced in the trip in more than one ways. If your backpack is too big or too small it will not be able to balance the weight of your body. Apart from that, it can cause strain on your spine, back pain or you may even topple while walking. According to makers of the anti-theft backpack, the size of the backpack should be in accordance with the size of your waist and your torso. Usually, a backpack ranging between 40 liters and 60 liters is good for a normal sized adult. No one wants a skyscraper rising high from their back but people neither want backpacks which are very small with all the stuff overflowing from it.

Anti-theft backpacks are the choice of most travelers who travel frequently. They have found them to be a promising answer to all their theft worries. They are safe, secure and have many sophisticated features which thieves usually have a hard time for cracking. Hope the above information was useful in helping you to select an anti-theft backpack of the right dimensions.

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Top 5 advantages of Anti-Theft Backpack

With increasing incidents of theft people want to keep their valuables safe while they travel. Safety of the belongings is the top priority with most travellers. Theft-proof backpacks are designed exclusively to keep your belongings safe when traveling.

Here are the top 5 advantages of anti-theft backpacks;

1) Anti-theft design

The most important benefit of the anti-theft backpack is its anti-theft design. It is made up of a robust material which cannot be easily cut by the thieves. Apart from that, it has a number of secret pockets to secure your valuables and keep it away from the sight of the unscrupulous. Also, these backpacks have high quality lockable, hidden zippers to keep your belongings zipped safely inside. Apart from that some backpacks also have features such as combination lock and portable safe to minimize infiltration.

2) Durability

When you purchase an anti-theft backpack, you are investing in a very durable product that will be your companion for a long time to come. Anti-theft bags Australia are manufactured from strong fibers like PVC and polyester. Since the backpacks will have PVC coating on their surfaces, the coating tends to make the backpack tear-proof as well as resistant to water damage. These backpacks additionally have very strong straps that cannot be easily cut by thieves.

3) Versatility

Besides storing your belongings safely, Anti-theft backpacks also perform other functions. You can charge your mobile devices using the provided USB port. If you have fragile things to carry, they will be safe and secure within the foam protectors and you are also safe from skimming because the backpack uses RIFD protectors. Thieves and unscrupulous persons who are on the lookout for a fast buck will be deterred by your anti-theft backpack.

4) Comfort

Comfort is essential when you are picking up your anti-theft backpack. In the usual circumstances, other bags will not provide the degree of comfort that can be accessed by the anti-theft backpack. These backpacks are engineered in a way to make sure that they provide real comfort to the user. The straps and zippers are heavy duty, yet lightweight and provide for comfortable use regardless of the load you are going to carry in them. In addition, they have innumerable pockets where it is advantageous to distribute your belongings for easy access and comfortable protection.

5) Security

Anti-theft backpacks are truly theft deterrent. The bags are manufactured to be safe as well as strong. They come equipped with RFID protection to foil electronic theft and also have lockable zippers, hidden pockets and lots of buckles to stash away your belongings safely without fear of theft. They make the life of the potential thief very difficult indeed and chances are high that your anti-theft backpack can break the reputation of even the most skilled thief.

The above advantages of anti-theft backpacks make them truly desirable for purchase before you embark on your next foray in traveling unless you use them, you can never truly appreciate their strengths and advantages.

Key Features of A Good Theft Proof Backpack

Anti-theft backpacks have come up as a promising solution for all those who are travel freaks but are worried about their valuables being stolen while traveling. Before discussing key features of a good anti-theft backpack let us understand what an anti-theft backpack is and how it differs from a normal backpack.

What is an anti-theft backpack?

Anti-theft backpacks are usually the backpacks which are made using very robust material and wire meshes which cannot be cut easily by the thieves. They also have additional safety features such as lockable zippers, combination lock, portable safe and radio frequency identification blocker. A normal backpack usually does not offer such high-quality security features offered by theft-proof backpacks which are manufactured with the sole motive of protecting your belongings while you are on the move.

Key features of an anti-theft backpack

Secret pockets:

According to manufacturers of anti-theft backpack Australia, USP of an anti-theft backpack is the presence of secret pockets in it. You can easily put your cash, wallet, passport and other valuables in these secret pockets. Thieves usually search for an easy target where they do not have to search a lot. But with a secret pocket thieves will have a hard time finding your valuables and this dissuades them to target your anti-theft backpack they fear getting caught.

Water resistant material!

Water resistance is an important feature of anti-theft backpack especially when you are traveling during the rainy season or in winters when snowfall is often. You will definitely not want rain, snow or humidity to spoil your documents or other important belongings. These bags are made of polyester and PVC which are waterproof and do not let moisture enter inside the bag.

Slash proof material!

Slash proof material is another feature which makes the theft proof backpack the preferred choice from normal backpacks available in the market. Since the material of anti-theft backpack is slash proof, thieves cannot just slash it with a knife and thus, your belongings are well protected.

Tear-proof and durable

It is usually made using a material like Polyester and PVC which are robust and last for a long time. Apart from that, it has sturdy zippers which do not come off easily. Straps made of wire mesh add to the durability of the strap.

Easy Access

Another key feature of the theft-proof backpack is that it offers easy access to the user. Anti-theft backpacks are usually very light weight and can easily be carried on your back. Many manufacturers suggest the size of the backpack in accordance with the waist and torso size of the user. This enables the user to carry the back pack without any extra pressure on the back or on the spine.

The added features of the anti-theft bag such as USB charger helps you in charging your mobile phone or other electronic devices. Foam base helps in the safe transportation of fragile stuff. Many theft-proof backpacks have radio frequency identification blocker which prevents reading of your identity card, driving license or credit/debit card by an outsider.

All in all, anti-theft bags are a must for traveling!

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Why You must Carry an Anti Theft Backpack while traveling.

Due to the era of globalization, many executives have to travel extensively. Since they have to carry important documents and files with them, it is imperative to have genuine safety measures in place to protect your belongings and valuables. In Australia, executives prefer smart backpacks which have numerous anti-theft features to provide them peace of mind throughout the journey. If you are planning for a corporate meet and want to safeguard official documents or personal belongings such as laptop, credit cards, jewelry or more, then it is advised to buy anti-theft bags Australia.

RFID protection

During travel, it is very important to keep your money safe. In most of the anti-theft backpacks, you will get pockets which provide RFID protection. With this advanced feature, you can safeguard your credit and debit cards inside your backpacks when you are traveling through a crowded place.

Secret pockets

This is considered as one of the most efficient features in theft-proof backpacks where you will be able to store your passport, business visas and other important documents in an efficient manner. These pockets are concealed in such a manner that no one would be able to steal them while you are traveling. In most of the cases, hidden pockets are inside the bigger pocket of the backpack which will provide you peace of mind during your travel.

Locking system

Most of these bags are equipped with several types of locks viz. zipper tabs, locking zippers, etc. This feature conceals the zipper such that you can travel with the bag behind your back without thinking twice. On the other hand, some of the bags also have a combination of both of these locking systems which further increase the level of safety. Furthermore, the zippers have an impeccable interlocking system which no thief can pierce open even with the help of the sharpest knife.

Being slash-proof

Bags have a stainless steel wire mesh inside them which deters the thieves to cut the base of your bag. This feature literally makes your backpack safe like a suitcase. You can easily maintain your files, passport, and laptop and can attain complete peace of mind during your travel. Since stainless-steel wiring is rustproof you don’t even have to fret about a thing.


At present, bags are equipped with multiple strap features with which you can place an added strap around your waist and prevent thieves to snatch your bag during your travel. Straps are also made up of multiple materials and have stainless steel mesh inside which won’t allow even the sharpest knife to cut through it.

Overall design

Most of the bags are light in weight but are very roomy. This process will ultimately provide you an option to place your laptop, files and other precious belongings in efficiently. Backpacks also have a great alignment of pockets inside the big compartment in a horizontal and vertical fashion.  You will also find a large number of pockets which will give you an advantage in keeping your belongings organized inside the backpack.

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If you’re looking for a quality anti-theft backpacks look no further! We are leading manufacturers and retailers of Anti-theft backpacks in Australia and specialize in men, women and unisex anti-theft bags. Click on the button on the right to browse our range.