Due to the era of globalization, many executives have to travel extensively. Since they have to carry important documents and files with them, it is imperative to have genuine safety measures in place to protect your belongings and valuables. In Australia, executives prefer smart backpacks which have numerous anti-theft features to provide them peace of mind throughout the journey. If you are planning for a corporate meet and want to safeguard official documents or personal belongings such as laptop, credit cards, jewelry or more, then it is advised to buy anti-theft bags Australia.

RFID protection

During travel, it is very important to keep your money safe. In most of the anti-theft backpacks, you will get pockets which provide RFID protection. With this advanced feature, you can safeguard your credit and debit cards inside your backpacks when you are traveling through a crowded place.

Secret pockets

This is considered as one of the most efficient features in theft-proof backpacks where you will be able to store your passport, business visas and other important documents in an efficient manner. These pockets are concealed in such a manner that no one would be able to steal them while you are traveling. In most of the cases, hidden pockets are inside the bigger pocket of the backpack which will provide you peace of mind during your travel.

Locking system

Most of these bags are equipped with several types of locks viz. zipper tabs, locking zippers, etc. This feature conceals the zipper such that you can travel with the bag behind your back without thinking twice. On the other hand, some of the bags also have a combination of both of these locking systems which further increase the level of safety. Furthermore, the zippers have an impeccable interlocking system which no thief can pierce open even with the help of the sharpest knife.

Being slash-proof

Bags have a stainless steel wire mesh inside them which deters the thieves to cut the base of your bag. This feature literally makes your backpack safe like a suitcase. You can easily maintain your files, passport, and laptop and can attain complete peace of mind during your travel. Since stainless-steel wiring is rustproof you don’t even have to fret about a thing.


At present, bags are equipped with multiple strap features with which you can place an added strap around your waist and prevent thieves to snatch your bag during your travel. Straps are also made up of multiple materials and have stainless steel mesh inside which won’t allow even the sharpest knife to cut through it.

Overall design

Most of the bags are light in weight but are very roomy. This process will ultimately provide you an option to place your laptop, files and other precious belongings in efficiently. Backpacks also have a great alignment of pockets inside the big compartment in a horizontal and vertical fashion.  You will also find a large number of pockets which will give you an advantage in keeping your belongings organized inside the backpack.

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